Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, I’m Nadja!

About the Blog…

Welcome to Sleepy Nashi’s Blog, here you will find recipes and some restaurant foods where I have been. I’m not a chef, but I do like food a lot. I usually review lot of YouTube videos and food blogs, from there I get the inspiration and try new things in the kitchen.

A Little about Me…

As a child I always loved eating, my mom loves to cook; but I never displayed any cooking enthusiasm. I started loving to cook a few years ago when I started a journey for a healthier me, and would share the results with my family and friends.

When I’m not cooking, I’m usually visiting restaurants in my country (Panama), or maybe training at home with some fitness videos, taking naps (hahahaha) or just looking for new ideas for recipes browsing the internet.

Thanks for visiting my blog!